The 5 Essential Skills of the Effective Workplace Mediator

A mediator plays an important role in the workplace, one that comes with a great deal of commitment to the peace work needed to resolve workplace disputes.  Businesses within communities seek you out when they have conflicts that have begun to affect their ability to function and the community at large.

When your career is to “parachute” into these offices, factories, and other workplace environments as a workplace mediator and offer a roadmap to resolution, there are some essential skills you must have – skills that often can only be gained through experience and training.


Mediators have to be leaders, ushering the parties through the mediation process.  They are not necessarily directive in that they seek to tell anyone what to do.  But, in the sense of getting people who are divided to work together, mediators assist the parties in traversing the road to resolution less traveled.  Mediators offer effective guidance in chartering the rough waters of conflict by initially helping everyone see each other’s point of view through dialog.  And dialog is the way to peace.


A mediator must also be an expert communicator.  Being able to communicate concepts and positions clearly is often the difference between persuading someone of the wisdom of a particular solution or approach and failing to do so.


Mediation also involves helping people develop interpersonal and communication skills, discover aspects of their inner being and better know themselves as well.  You must often help people grow professionally and personally, present-time, right there in the room in order to achieve a solution.


Communication, through dialog, is not only being able to articulate your own perspective, but also requires the ability to effectively and intently listen to people and their positions: to become mindful of the other side’s point of view.


Finally, it is essential that mediators be able to inspire trust in people they are working with.  Without trust, nothing can be accomplished in mediation.